The Evens Foundation aims to rethink and experiment with ways of living together in complicated times. Our projects build upon the diversity of human histories, cultures, and experiences, considering the recognition of these differences as a precondition to shape a common world.


For almost thirty years, we have been active in key fields of intervention such as democracy, education, media, arts, and science. For our strategic plan 2018-2020, we have designed two leading initiatives: Common Purpose Through Differences, and Norms and Values Within the European Reality. These concerns unfold several thematic axes, exposing the challenges that Europe faces today.

Our projects explore different forms of togetherness and belonging, call for new solidarities and aspire to create an unbiased space for the plurality of voices and discordant viewpoints to intersect. We seek to critically investigate values, social constructs, and narratives in order to enable a collective reflection within a wider society.

Past projects