European Elections workshop at Philea Forum

Exploring intergenerational understanding to increase election engagement

Evens Foundation to lead EU elections workshop at Philea Forum

The Evens Foundation team is looking forward to welcoming over 125 foundations and friends to a special workshop at the Philea Forum on 23 May in Croatia, focused on the upcoming European Elections.

Philea (Philanthropy Europe Association) is the leading organisation for foundations, philanthropic organisations and networks working for the common good in Europe. It aims to create connections and knowledge sharing between its members.

As co-chair of the Children and Youth funders collaborative at Philea, the Evens Foundation's role is to shine a light on pressing issues for our audience (people aged 16 to 35).

Young people's trust in democracy is plummeting. While youth today are political, they often don't exercise their right to vote. How can we change this reality?

Young people are politically attractive but not seen as politically meaningful. Older people are the opposite. Agendas of political parties tend to align with this age group as they vote more. We believe that philanthropy can play a role in helping to find compromises between generations and potentially increase engagement around elections.

In the workshop "Finding common ground between generations" on day one of the Philea Forum, we will explore working intergenerationally as a way to begin to address this problem. How can we align and unleash the power of intergenerational consensus? How can we align political attractiveness and meaning?

The workshop will encourage participants to experiment with new methodologies and pitch ideas to politicians.

Learn more about the Philea Forum here.