Culture of Solidarity Fund – Democracy Resilience edition

Supporting the mobilisation of voters for the 2024 EU elections

Culture of Solidarity Fund – Democracy Resilience edition

The 11th edition of the Culture of Solidarity Fund – an initiative powered by the European Cultural Foundation – focuses on supporting European transnational initiatives that mobilise voters for the 2024 European Parliament elections.

"The upcoming elections will determine whether our societies will be resilient enough to sustain and reinforce a European culture of solidarity or if the forces of division and violent confrontation will further grow," said the Culture of Solidarity Fund. "Everything is to play for in the next 90 days."

"Throughout Europe, there are creative initiatives with a strong track record in defending democratic inclusion and fostering public engagement at local, regional, national, and European levels. Many of them have been active on the ground for a long time and have substantially expanded their efforts ahead of the European elections. However, they require further support to increase their reach and impact in a year that will test the resilience of European democracies. We need to act swiftly."

The Evens Foundation is one of the key supporters for this edition of the fund, alongside the Allianz Foundation, which will seek out and support existing initiatives that can help fight back against the rise in authoritarianism in the run up to the European Parliamentary elections.

The first round of booster grants and rapid response donations were awarded in March, with 36 grantees across Europe.

Established in 2020, the Culture of Solidarity Fund aims to connect philanthropic and public benefit organisations around collective challenges, providing initiatives with access to co-financing to tackles urgent issues. Find out more about the Culture of Solidarity Fund here.