The Evens Foundation organizes or supports events that fit within its mission. Here you can read more about the different events that Evens Foundation has organized over the years.


Art in All of Us: exhibition in Antwerp Central Station (22nd December 2010 to 1st May 2011)

Cultural exchange is the best remedy for intolerance and prejudices. And what better way to inspire children around the world to meet 'the other' than through enriching artistic and creative activities? The Evens Foundation is pleased to support the Art in All of Us initiative, because it brings people closer together around the world, with the aim of creating a more peaceful, respectful and harmonious society.



Les territoires de la mémoire

The Evens Foundation supported in 2010 the non-profit organization Les Territoires de la Mémoire (Liège, Belgium) in the development of its project Clés pour décoder les préjugés liés à l'immigration. This education center develops various initiatives for children, youth and adults to learn about the past and encourage everybody's involvement in building a democratic society that guarantees fundamental freedoms.

The project, to be circulated among schools and youth networks in 2011, will include the publication of two books: one for teachers/facilitators, the other for pupils (aged 15 upwards). Thanks to this tool and related activities, the pupils will learn that prejudices are based on representations of the other and not on objective findings, and that they lead to exclusion to which we can all fall victim. The main objectives of this project are to help young people to learn to know the other better, in order to create the mutual respect necessary for living together, and to promote non-violent behavior and listening.